Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 3

-addon format
-HD textures
-advanced shading
-2 skins

Porting, faceposing - HardyStyled
Texture optimization + shading - Alex Portman
Additional help - Norpo


Great Job on it, its fantastic.

Nice Work on the model.


I wish that faceposing is better than the previous one. Good work anyway.

You’re saying it’s not? That would be a shame.

Her character disgusts me but this looks like a quality model, so nice work, sir!

I downloaded it and installed it properly, but how do you change the body group?

You mean making of naked bodygroup, or you’re asking about changing bodygroups ingame? I find Miranda’s naked mesh and adjust it to the bones. To change bodygroups ingame just download bodygroup stool.


Nice release!

Great job comrades.


Wait, Miranda’s loyalty outfit textures exist in ME3 files? Or you have just reskinned?

AWESOME !awesome!

It’s a reskin.

And someone left this model?http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=943199&p=27728772&viewfull=1#post27728772

Available for Garry’s Mod at
(click on image to visit download page)

I’m a complete noob when it comes to the workshop thing, good job I already have her downloaded :smiley:

By advanced shading do you mean you edited the shaders?
or just have some nice materials?
(I know the post is old I just notice you put it on your releases a lot.)

Some nice fancy shaded materials.