Miranda Lawson - Her ruthless past

I just wanted to show my personal favorite from my stuff and maybe get some feedback:

[dead link]

I also have a small gallery on deviantart.

Ok here are my gripes, the image it self is small, it’s too dark for my liking and are those Cerberus operatives she has murderd? If so, why?

I wanted it to be that dark to fit with her “dark” past, I can still see it pretty well on my monitor :confused:
The size was the result of focusing on a vertical picture. It’s still almost as high as my monitor.
She killed Cerberus agents who “fell out of line”, something Cerberus is very famous for.

I think you were looking for darkness, but just needed to light her a weee bit. Just a bit…

Okay, will keep attention to that in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

The posing is great! The things people said before are my only gripes, though.

Good job! :smile:

Use lamps, even if it’s just one. Something needs to be visible somewhere.