Miranda love


I think it’s the combination of the ultra wide and glossy eyes, the airbrushed face, the smile, and the looking directly at my soul that makes me fear this image.


Bu-but Shepard still has his Armour on.

Shepard just looks confused.

Rated winner because of boobies.

“We’ll bang okay?”

genuinely horrifying

Oh common. This guy crashed civilizations and saved the galaxy several times, why can’t he fuck his way through the armor?

This is the scariest shit I have ever seen.

jesus christ, what the fuck

Only looks weird 'cuz she’s looking at the camera, instead of Shepard. Would look better if she was looking at Shepard all sexy like, instead of mugging for the camera. Hate when chicks to that. They just can’t get into the moment, no, they have to stare at the camera with that stupid, “Does this look right?” look on their face. Totally breaks the scene, I swear.

Wow, that was one helluva rant right there, sorry. I predict Rastifan will Rule 34 this picture by the end of the night.

I don’t “rule34” other people work. I make my own stuff. It is rather the other way around. Some of my images ain’t hours old before someone have uploaded them there.
Some of them not even meant for the site.

Nice job DeniskaSo, but I agree with MrStevenWolfe. She should be looking at Shepard, the lucky bastard.



That face is creepy as fuck, man. Still, nice lighting.

And it never will be. Not for THAT.

Really like the picture, but you definitely need to improve your faceposing with the eyes: Miranda’s as well as Shepard’s.

However, if it was your intention to creep the hell out of me you succeeded. Perfect picture.

A rather sensual picture, and sexy. I like the use of faceposing on Miranda, but Shepard needs to have emotion on his face. Other than that, I find this pretty attractive, to say the least. Keep up the good work and get better at faceposing.