Miranda's lovely Photosession <3


eh ok, i upload one of those screens, but i dont want to cause i made shit(


I have found this whole thread awkward and creepy.


reminds me of the kind of studio photography you see teenage girls upload on facebook

Well shit what happened.

sry guys i failed( how to delete thread?

God, I hate it when people take down their stuff.

I need a good laugh today. :frowning:

Please reupload your images.

Photoshoot with a strange-looking 3D model in awkward “sexy” poses with awkward faceposing. Actually the faceposing reminds me of when a creepy young art students asks the pretty girl in school to model for him and the awkward smiling is the mediocre result.

umm picture?

thats just what i wanted to do, but i decide delete it

I feel bad.

Bring it back OP.

Bring back the pictures, you can get banned for content-less threads! So reupload it!


Hey, its not so bad and its not creepy! Could use some more pictures since it’s a photosession ya know?

It’s not really that bad.

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now do a naked one

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cough cough what was I saying again

I have seen worse. An attempt at cam angle and expression is made here. Needs improvements of course, but I assume op is new to this.