Miremod Not Installed Correctly Message Wont Dissapear

Just download the SVN, and that message popped up, and it wont close. Is there a eay to close it?
It’s Wiremod, not Miremod, lol

Miremod? Anyways, go Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click on the name of the window in the task manager, right click, and press ‘Go to process’. When your at the process, click end process, and then say yes.

It’s in garrysmod

Oh, once again, post a picture.

Hold on


And It’s installed correctly

Delete garrysmod/lua/autorun/wiremod_installed_improperly_popup.lua

And are you sure it’s installed correctly? If that’s popping up, chances are that it’s not.

Read this: http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=15197368&postcount=150

read the txt file that its listing, if the message is popping up you probably screwed up soemwhere.

I can find that file, and it IS installed correctly.

After you ran the SVN, did you go inside the folder and move all the folders inside into addons? If you didn’t that error pops up.

It’s not installed correctly. Because the reason that message pops up is because your supposed to delete a addon which makes that pop up if you follow the instructions.

What addons do I have to delete? I have Zoeys Stanima, Heartbeat, Armor Element, Weight mod, and a pack of TF2 sweps, along with PHX3, and of course, wire, adv duplicator, and wiremod models. I’m also sure they are installed correctly, becuse I can use the wire tools.

I’m sorry, it should be in garrysmod/addons/Wiremod/lua/autorun/wiremod_installed_improperly_popup.lua

Wasn’t thinking straight.

Oh, and if you have both “Wiremod” and “wire” in your addons folder, then just delete the Wiremod one. There shouldn’t be anything in there but that one lua file.


If you can’t find it there, then look for it in garrysmod/addons/wire/lua/autorun/wiremod_improperly_popup.lua
I don’t know WHY it would be in there, but it’s the only other place where it could be.

It’s in your wiremod folder.

toto your Sedona folder and look inside that Wiremod folder, is there a file called wiremod installed correctly ? (or something like that) deleate it. and deleate the wiremod folder as it is not needed

Make sure you deleted the checkout folder for Wiremod