mirror 1 2 and 3

well i’ve been trying to download addons for a few hours now and i’ve put the info in the right folder but when i watch videos for how to download they click on a download button. i do not have this option in stead i have mirror 1 2 or 3. nothing i’ve tried has worked.

Where are you downloading addons from?

Just hit the button. You’ll still be downloading the addon, it doesn’t matter which mirror you choose.

yea but it doesn’t change any thing in garry’s mod. do i only move the info txt.


does it work in single player because that’s how i’ve been testing it

When you download from garrysmod.org, the downloads don’t go directly into GMod, you have to install them there yourself.
Also, if you’re trying to download that staple-gun replacement for the crossbow, it won’t work if you simply plop it into addons.

If you need help on how to install addons into the addons folder, then I suggest you do some googling.


If you’re asking, when you install an addon, if you only move the info.txt file, then the answer is no, you move the entire folder that contains info.txt

thank you i figured it out