Mirror Of Time

[release]*- I wish I could see past of our beautiful planet.

  • To do this, far away in the universe need to build a mirror, which would give us back the images of distant times, flying in the starry space with the speed of light.
  • I will build that mirror, and we can see our past. Right?
  • Right.

“Mirror of Time” USSR, 1967.*


Is there any tutorial for making rimlighting?

Dear God, this is awesome


What model is that?

Deep in space, pure in beatiful.

Honestly - I don’t remember. I downloaded some pack of spaceships from garrysmod.org, AFF_gmod it seems to me.

Nice! Though I can see straight lines where the blue lighting layer ends.

i don’t think so but i can teach you…its pretty easy

The picture, lighting, and glare are all amazing.

Damn, I could use something flying saucer-ish like that.

Thanks for the info

I already found tutorial on facepunch, thanks anyway.

wow. excellent job on the nebulae and other spacey aspects. really good looking and fresh.

I really dislike the stark change in white in the upper right. Looks like you forgot to pull it all the way over or something.

That’s just amazing, love the lighting.

add some gundams and it would be perfect!