mirror texture?

what texture behaves like a mirror?

There is currently no texture that can preform as a clear, reflective surface.

There is a way that you can do it using cameras and entities though, Im not sure exactly how being that Ive never tried it. The only bad thing is that you cant see yourself, but you can see props and other players.



oh, I never knew that.

Ive only seen mirror like textures in one of the rooms in that hugeflatconstruct map.


Reflective glass…doesn’t show the player though for obvious reasons.

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You cant get the same effect from water

Yes you can. The water texture used is a 100% reflective surface, as shown here:

Turn thirdperson view on when watching to the mirror, and voila!

What is easier?
Doing as you said or the reflective_glass

Depends on what you’re going to use it for. Reflective water floors can only be used on horizontal, flat surfaces while func_reflective_glass can be used on walls. The cool thing about reflective water is that clients can change their water settings in video settings to lower the performance demand of the map. With func_reflective_glass, it’ll force all clients to render everything.

Thats cool. :slight_smile: I love when maps supports low performance :slight_smile:

ask garry to change the func_reflective_glass entity to show the playermodel of the person that is looking at it just like he did with RT cameras, problem solved.

in the meantime you can say everyone on the roleplay server is secretly a vampire or something like that.

oh no

your options:

  1. play in a fullbright box
  2. get a better computer
  3. no dice
  1. No you.
  2. If you pay it.
  3. What!?

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No it isn’t. Nice guy always loses.

No, assholes like him always loses.

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