Mirroring a poly...

How do I mirror a poly? Like I have a poly for the left side of the screen, how do I make it flip horizontally and be on the right side? I tried doing ScrW()-polystuffhere for each thing, didn’t work. And then I tried reversing the order, didn’t work.

Im not to sure what you are trying to say by try multiplying the x and y by -1

To mirror vertically,
2DVector.Y = (ScrW() - 2DVector.Y)/2

to mirror horrizontally

2DVector.X = (ScrH() - 2DVector.X)/2

Sorry, but do you really need to ask everything without thinking by yourself? Do you have like 6 threads in the main page…I mean, you learn stuff when you try to find a solution by yourself than asking each doubt that do you have

i tried all that i knew how… which i stated in the op.
and google gives nothing.

PS i’m a math and lua noob.

Dude, everyone that learned any programming languaje have doubts…But if do you really think that you need to ask too many things to create something maybe you are aiming too high (Or people spoonfed on you too much since you have more than 1 year doing lua)

well i stopped doing it for almost a year. so i forgot most things.

I stopped programming lua 2 years ago, I came back to it this easter, went back to pretty much where I set off.