Mirror's Edge Addon?

Is there an addon for garrysmod where it shows your hands and legs and bobs your head when you move to make it look like Mirror’s Edge? If there isn’t an addon for this that has already been made, could somebody make one? Thanks for reading.

Head Bob


That’s not what I want. Somebody already made what I wanted, but I found out about it after it was deleted. It was where you can grab onto ledges and wall jump and stuff. I want somebody to remake that.

And the legs thing doesn’t work. I had that.

OMG I have wanted this since I first heard of mirrors edge. I just never requested it. I wish you the best of luck with this and I will be shure to keep on checking this thread :slight_smile:

It’s called GPK.

Garry’s mod Parkour.

Search it. It is parkour in Gmod. Not directly Mirror’s Edges style, but you can still jump around.

Oh not gpk that is crap. I want one for sand box that is like a weapon.

Don’t be a dick—someone worked hard on that. Would it kill you to respect them?

That’s still not what I’m looking for. The MAIN thing I’m requesting in this addon is the legs and arms along with climbing walls, taking realistic damage, and head bobbing. That’s pretty much what I want.

What is it against the rules to say my opinion :colbert:

So pretty much it has custom animations that would show your hands grabbing ledges and jumping over small ledges and stuff?

And your head bobs up and down. And all he said above

Something like this?

if you use GPK for the stunts, and realistic damage, and install some things for the legs and head bobbing, wouldn’t that pretty much be it?

But seeing hands grab ledges is probably not possible.

Yes, like that.

I’m going to assume that’s what you saw in the first place, and I’ll tell you now that it’s not possible, seeing as that video is heavily edited to seem like it’s occuring, hence why it’s jumpy. He does incorporate a few things via addon or otherwise, but it’s mainly just cleverly edited together.

It would be nice but even I don’t think it is likely to happen.

Oh well, I can live without it. Just thought this would be cool. Thanks.

To say it the way you did though was crass is more the point. A lot more work goes into making games then some people seem to believe so at least show the guy some respect considering how much effort it may have took him.

Making something like that video is possible but would take a lot of work. It wouldn’t just be a quick addon.

To the post above.

I did not mean what I said in a harsh way I think it is how I typed it.

That’s why Mahalis is cool.