Mirrors Edge Cops

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]Mirrors Edge Cops


[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod



Most of Mirror edge’s cops.

Credit’s goes to EA for making these models.

Just extract the folders into your garrysmod directory.



Holy shit, i jizzed in my pants. :gizz:

Baseball Umpire?

:v: Thought exactly the same, awesome models.


Work on the Commando Lilwasa :smiley:


Wow i never noticed they look that stupid.

Great job with the porting.

Wow! This ragdolls are cool.

Oh wow!

Are they rigged with a skeleton or anything?

No, he posed them in Hammer. :haw:

Lol @ heavy.

It was all render on 3ds max. :V

I hope these ones have bones

Those are some shiny pants.

I just noticed that one of the Cops with black suit its grabbing the Heavy’s ass lol

For the people that don’t have Mirror’s Edge… (Spoiler below)

[sp]The Cops that look like Baseball Umpires are actually the people that “Pirandello Kruger” trained to come after and kill the Runners in Mirror’s Edge[/sp]

I just noticed how similar the LMG fellows look to samurai.

nice work here, awesome rigging to

Some of the guys look more like umpires. Yes, it’s been said.

Could be the original game rigging.

I was thinking of doing this, but I got lazy. The only one I did was the male blue Umpire cop.