Mirror's Edge Models

So using uModel and a couple of hours of porting work I’ve managed to find a decent method to get Mirror’s Edge models portable. It includes just the buildings and a couple props for now, along with the character models (Kreeg, Jacknife, etc.) But i was able to get most of the skybox from The Shard extracted. I still need to work on a piece of it. Here’s some pics.


And for scale reference, here:


It’ll be scaled down further in time for 3d Skybox compatibility but for now I got it working.

Further work will include the characters, and more buildings. Possibly props too.

that looks beautiful! great work!

From what I learned about scaling is to grab a character model and scale it to HL2 citizen size. Using the numbers you get from scaling the character model it should be fine to scale props and other models too.

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing. Works quite well.

Got another set working. This one needs to be scaled down a bit more and will be usable as a prop in a 3D skybox. It’s becoming more trial-and-error even with using HL2 models to help figure out the scale. Next up is some props and characters.

I’m thinking a massive release once I polish up the models and get them working.


Isn’t 3DS max, like, 1-to-1 scale with source if you use the exporter? (grid size I mean)

No, the models need to be manually scaled down. Mirror’s Edge is more than 4x the scale of Source.

holy shit that can be useful

Lots more on the way, from individual buildings, skybox sets, character models, and certain props.

so, how’s progress? any news? if you ported anything else, should post some pics, at least to keep the thread alive