Mirror's Edge Ports?

Hey guys, Just having a little think there… Has anyone ported any models from Mirrors Edge?
If so may I have a link to download… or could someone port some for me?

Well some ragdolls have been ported

From what I’ve heard, all the models except for the ragdolls are impossible to port because of UV maps or something like that.

If only Valve made every game in the world…

…They’d all be unoptimised and would take years to make inbetween…

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Not dissin on valve games, i love 'em.

I’ve got the 1911 as a reskin for the Deagle in CSS if you’re interested. It uses decent animations too, nothing that’s utter shit. If I recall I put in some nice custom sounds too.


I had to do some serious editing to the diffuse map so it matched the UV channel and shit. It’s a long story that I don’t want to get in to. It looks alright though, but you be the judge I guess.

But we wouldn’t have to worry about porting the models into Gmod.

Let’s rephrase his statement then.

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It’s better now, am I right?