Mirror's Edge stuff ported by znalecc



Download: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-LcAuqF4Dh2Q/T5bc_6tKFeI/AAAAAAAAAAU/lFcLM97AyCo/s400/mediafireok.png - Updated 24th of August

I’ll gradually add more models.

Holy crap these will be useful. Thanks for porting them!

So uh, what’s inside besides the CCVT, heli and car?

Nothing yet. It’s just these three, but as I said:

Porting stuff from Mirror’s Edge ain’t that easy. UV maps are messed up for most of the models and it takes a while to realign them.

It’s too bad that the only things really worth getting from the game is the maps, which is pretty much impossible I believe.

What about some skyscraper furniture?

Perhaps. I don’t know yet.

Alright then, the pack has just been updated.

Quick question. Which map do you use for the preview pictures?

It looks as a scenebuild.

It’s the “Showroom maps” addon on the workshop.

It’s one of the showrooms from the Showroom map pack. It’s on the Steam Workshop.

edit: Ninja’d

Quick question: Is it possible to port the subway trains?

Sure it is. I might do those next, but there’s not much to look at imho.

Okay, I’m not sure about it. The bump map looks quite complex in comparison to the other models I’ve done so far, but I’ll see what I can do.

If you need help with bumpmaps give me a call. If it’s not a object/tangent whatever then then I can help you sort those out.

the Helicopter that looks like a UH-60 is missing it’s texture.


Just drop this into the materials. [del] In the meanwhile, I’ll fix the main download. [/del] - Okay, I’ve reupload the main file.


- Added a bunch of street props, 44 road models, 4 buildings, 2 vehicles, there’s a banner with about 21 skins or so and you can control with advanced bone tool and then there are some other things but I can’t remember what they are

Are you gonna be releasing more stuff soon? The police models look awesome with those unused variants.

Yup, I sure am. I’ve got a bunch of new buildings (about 5 residential and 1 commercial) ported and they’re colorable. I’ve also got some new plaza building props, new roads, sewer canals with 2 skins, street lights with bodygroups, decals and colorable billboards.
I’ll probably just update the pack tomorrow if everything goes well.