Mirror's Edge Textures

Ok now I will be uploading Textures from Mirror’s Edge, They are for Valve hammer Editor so basically for your map! This is just demo pack! I don’t have more! But I will get more, I will be getting textures only for requests or for myself :stuck_out_tongue: Well anyways just make request as comment in this Thread and I will give you texture! Please if you can’t explain which texture you want then just give me screenshot or tell where it is! because I finished game 5 times and I know it all! This Demo pack
contains :


Stop Sign
Solar Panel
Pipe (don’t know why I uploaded it :smiley: )
Ground/ Roof Tile
Column from Canal
Wall Blue Wall
Buttons from Lift (Up and down separately )
Green Lift Parts (3 parts [ left, middle, right)
Brick wall
Orange Wall
Mirror’s Edge Logo


Nice textures.

give them normal/specular maps, it will look 10x better

No offense man, but those a really poor rips.

For me they look a bit “screenshot-based”.

I’m hoping you just stretched them for the screen, cos if they are then I’ll try them.

I would have to agree.

You should try porting the enemy and NPC models too

Cool! does this come with the red textures (like in runner’s vision?)?

Why no examples on a map? The ones you have are nice and all, but I would really like to see them on a actule map.

Textures arent made from screenshots! I used special technique to get textures!

and I have no time to make maps with those textures! That is just a map fast maded map with all those textures and thats it!

I downloaded and they are pretty good. More Please! I’m making a Mirror’s Edge style puzzle city map.

Seems rather low resolution. 128 x 256 usually never looks good ingame from what I remember.

I’m going to use these textures to create the Intro map in Mirror’s Edge. So they will be used once again.