Mirror's Edge: The Early Years

Double Hawk Films’ first ever team production is out on YouTube!
It is a parody of the popular game Mirror’s Edge, created by Electronics Arts.

Time to disband your team.

Was that all done with the cinematic camera?
Either way, have an artistic.


And to That Ninja, yes, all of it was done with Catmull-Rom. It wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if I had just went into Camera mode and ran around the map. In fact, it would have looked like shit.

It looks like your main character has atrocious depth perception and a rather disturbing exhibitionist streak.

Laughing so hard at this one.

I could have sworn I just posted in this thread.


But I guess I’ll just share my opinion again. I thought it was cool until she was naked. That threw off the entire flow of the movie and made it just seem really stupid

yea definatly, and you need to work on making your cinimatic camera angles smoother, in the begining it didnt flow right. just adjust the speeds from camera to camera to get it nice and smooth and it will look great.

The third camera shot was a bit jerky and didn’t flow smoothly, but that was about it.

And to the nude model, I can’t really say anything about that. Whether you find it funny or not is up to you.

It was cool, but you over used the same joke over and over.

Hence the movie length being around a minute and a half.

A minute and 20 seconds to long, bro. It was cool, but change it up.

Alright, cool. We’re thinking of making a zombie movie similar to Zombieland. What do you all think?

That would be cool. But just make sure you use some other type of zombie, then the gay Hl2 ones. Use zombie mod zombies or L4d zombies if you are able to.

You should also make the kid the scout, if you are good at manipulating ragdolls in gmod

Well I wasn’t planning on having a kid in the movie, but we DID download a dozen or so zombies. No more HL2 zombies.

I’m tellin ya, there are a bunch of people already doing something like that. I’ve been told from 3 different groups already that they’re doing a Zombieland type movie. So good luck with that

I didn’t say I was going to make it, I was only asking for an opinion. But, okay thanks

Did you make it so shaky using just catmull rom alone? Or was that part done with some sony vegas cropping, etc?

No cropping or anything, the only thing Vegas was used for was the titles and the audio editing.

It would be perfect if the running was a bit smoother and you green screened her hands onto the clips at some points in the video to make it look more realistic.


And if the naked clip was removed.