Mirror's Edge weapons (and two items)

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All of the weapons from Mirror’s Edge, minus grenades as those are rather unnecessary. Also Includes 2 items; Messenger Bag and Handcuffs, and they’re both ragdolled.

All of these have massive amounts of bodygroups (apart from the bag and handcuffs, with bag having only one for the handle, and handcuffs none), Most parts that move are bodygrouped, including but not limited to; Neostead tube selector switch, fire selectors on guns that have them, foldable sights on SCAR-L, stuff like that.

The 1911 and M93r also have some skingroups, as visible in the picture below.

DICE, Bloocobalt, Nirrti.

[sub]Barrett M95
Beretta M93r
Colt 1911
FN Minimi
Glock 18C
Mp5k PDW
Neostead 2000
Remington 870 MCS
Messenger Bag

(For some reason garrysmod.org uploading isn’t working for me, so mediafire mirror for now.)


sexy lookin’ guns you got there Ilwrath

These are great guns for posing. They’re not overstated and over-saturated like most CS:S weapons, and all of them have a great deal of useful bodygroups. All are properly scaled, and accurate representations of the weapons as well. On top of that, the .vmt files make excellent use of source shaders, so they look great with dynamic light.

In short, download these.

this is great

I have never played the game but these weapons are some of the best looking guns I have seen in a game.

Looks great

Nirrti did quite a good job with the shaders, glad I could help with a few of the weapons.

Quite some useful weapons there. Especially the tazer.

Really nice, the guns seem to be better on scale than most guns you see in gmod.

I see really quality and sexy guns… downloading.

God damn these are some fine weapons.


So much effort into these weapons and so little into the weapon shooting system itself. Mirror’s edge still confuses me to this day. Awesome job !

Handcuffs <3 !

Why I don’t have Barrett? :frowning:

Buy DLC “Mirror’s Edge M95” for only 4.99.

I did not know that the models were separated

It’s in the bloocobalt folder.

Awesome, got my DL!

Been killed by that LMG so many times, goddamn it

May I ask where you downloaded those human models?