Mirrors in Gmod is it possible?

Is it possible to code a mirror in gmod?

Wouldn’t it be a model with a reflective (lol) texture?

I believe only world brush mirrors can be achieved with modified water textures. Last time I checked only refractive textures could be used on models.

Okay so you cant make mirror props but you could make a mirror in map?

There is a brush entity that does this.


func_reflective_glass with the reflectiveglass texture.

Thats the one.

You can also use Jinto’s renderX library which has pixel stencils.

You could create a flat object that has a camera texture over it, then places the camera pointing outwards at the user to create the illusion of a mirror.

Very laggy. Using the actual material and brush entity is much more efficiant.


The code is floating somewhere around the renderx thread. The player can be made visible in the mirror since the latest gmod update.

Yes, this is possible.
I have seen it in a Zombie Survival map. Unfortunately, i don’t know which one, and there are LOTS.
But if you’re determined, you can look through them all. I know it was in a small house, and i think it was a small map.
The only caveats are that it doesn’t actually reflect you, and it’s not quite as reflective as an RL mirror - a bit moar blurry. But otherwise it’s good.
Happy hunting!

zs_skyscaper :stuck_out_tongue:

Made by me. It’s currently a mess, I’ve been planning to re-make it for a long time.

Edit: Either that, or Modesty’s house map. Those are the only two maps in ZS to have mirrors.

[img_thumb]http://cdbarrett.com/dump/screenshots/gm_flatgrass0000.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://cdbarrett.com/dump/screenshots/gm_construct0007.jpg[/img_thumb]
I’ll release the code to those who want it, it requires my renderx module though. You’d also need to make it allow more than one mirror at a time.
And, the skybox still disappears. Just need garry to add a way to force the skybox to render for RenderView.

I’d like to see it.

I’d like a look at that awesome code. PM me it if you get the chance.

Looks great. I’d like to take a peek :wink:

it might be possible

they can ban my account but they cant ban my sw3g

Isn’t there one on GM_construct?