Misc Pointshop questions

I have a few questions for Pointshop as I am wanting to learn how to make stuff for it.

  1. I know it’s been done before as a CH addon but, how can I have PAC3 and Pointshop work together well, as far as having PAC’s on and making custom items.
  2. Relating to 1, Is it possible to have PACs as playermodels for certain custom models (like TF2 models)
  3. How would I get started with replacing the default window (by customizing it and all that)
  1. Investigate on what hooks PAC has to attach an outfit to a player, and how you could call that in a purchase.
  2. Just set the model as normal, don’t use PAC for that.
  3. Create a derma skin.

TF2 uses a different bone set then GMod playermodels though.

Then fix them yourself, or use some of the TF2 playermodels on the workshop. Using PAC for playermodels that have animations constantly playing sounds really inefficient.