Miscellaneous WWII Japanese Models

Since I’m slowly wrapping up Okami, and with the release of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition right around the corner, I’ve decided to finish with Japan.

I’ll certainly be revisiting this in the future, but I don’t know when. A month, a year, who knows, so I’m just putting out there all I have so far.

I had quite the large plans, consisting of infantry, tanks, weapons, planes and warships from various games but this is as far as I got.

Contains ragdolls, props, SWEPs, and playermodels.


Download Links:



Good work, nice.

You made an emperor work!

Very awesome



hot damn

Do you think you could add the sheaths from the officer/NCO body onto the sword as a bodygroup? A lot of officers would carry their swords around like canes and would clip it onto their belt when they were tired of doing that.

are they faceposable?

Even in the state they are in, this is easily one of the best packs I’ve downloaded in a while. Very good job here Joey!

Good stuff, thanks for releasing!

Yeah, no problem. I was originally going to just leave it in my folder for an unspecified amount of time, but I figured since I have at least something useable might as well put it out there if anyone wants it.

No, unfortunately. VTAs were on the bottom of the list.

Come on now, a half-finished pack by me, better than all the stuff of NinjaNub, Floater, luxox, bloo? Rather extreme exaggeration.

The weapons are a huge plus. We get this massive WWII pack and for some reason have no jap weapons. Good job on the work so far, I’m ecstatic to use these!

Well jeez, now I feel bad about not finishing it.

But on the bright side after I go through a week of Vietnam and several months of HD Sleeping Dogs, I’ll have a lot more experience and will be able to redo these a lot better than they are now.

Plus by that time hopefully I’ll have learned a bit about file formats, so I can extract warship models from Battlestations Pacific.

It was about time for some japanesse WWII weapons! This is great, thanks man

At least it’s better than ‘Generic US’ this, ‘Generic Russian’ that.

There isn’t much content for the Japs of WWII for Gmod, thanks for releasing this.