Misery of the Forgotten Moor (AKA Shrek Plays CS:GO)

Made with Adobe Premiere + Photoshop. I might’ve gone ogreboard with the special effects. However, edgy music + war theme included. Hope this screenshot is unique. An old poem:
The times are long gone
Here-on and here-after
Is all we have.
Someday, the forgotten will forget.
Is all they have no memory?
Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I ponder
Always we seem to perceive the future.
Rarely do we consider it.
Carelessness in life, it is.
Always living day to day.
Sometimes we need to stop and rest.
Maybe one day we will.

Dude looks like he’s jumping scared away from a spider.

I… I don’t even know what my eyes have been assaulted with.

Is this a joke?

Please be a joke… a very, very bad joke.

Read the first letters of the poem, sarge.

I thought this was super serious, scrolled down to see the picture, and cried.

More specifically it’s a parody of all these threads with mega-edgy titles and multiple super-edgy-war-ambience videos where the poses turn out to be garbage/dull.

i’ve never actually seen this

IMHO a better attempt would be doing an awesome battle scenebuild, and all of the super-tactical army dudes are all Shrek.

I’m working on that already.

The sounds you picked for this is amazing, a serious attempt at it would be pretty great.

everything ddok1994 makes