Mismatched textures on Tf2 maps [IMG Heavy!]

So I have bought Gmod just yesterday and everything is going just fine Except for a few issues that have turned up.
Almost every single tf2 map has faulty textures (Tf2 textures replaced by hl2 ones) that tend to randomly change on every time I load the map.
For example: 2Fort

I have searched for solutions via Google but everything i could find was slightly outdated, with links to long deleted Facepunch threads.
I have also ran a search on the forum for a similar thread to this but turned out with nothing.

My PC is running Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit
Please ask if More information is needed.

Another minor issue I have ran into is downloading from the workshop.
Downloads just freeze for long preriods of time and don’t even reset when i relaunch Gmod.
Is there any way to abort ongoing downloads ?

Thanks for any help in advance.

There’s a couple workshop addons that replace the textures with the correct TF2 ones. They’re not 100% complete (some of the walls on badwater are still wrong, for one), but they’ll fix most of the problems.

I don’t know anything about the download problem, though.

What happened to mount order that was in Gmod 13 beta?

Garry said he fixed it so it wasn’t needed. But it obviously wasn’t.

Thanks for the response, maps are pretty much fixed now.

Can anyone tell me how to mark my thread as solved? I can’t find any thread tools or a prefix option it the post editor.

On the blue bar below my post, it should say “Mark as Solved.”