Misplaced player model in vehicles

I’m having an issue. Regardless of the vehicle mod, at least 80% of the vehicles I attempt to drive place the player model either facing and to the right side of the vehicle, or on his side attached to the undercarrage. In first person view all seems fine, the problem is that I sometimes prefer 3rd person when taking screenshots and such. So! that being said I want to know if anyone knows how to get Master Chief here back into the drivers seat when driving 3rd person.

Screenshots bellow show my plight.

Issue with the vehicle models. Take it up with the people who made the models.

I would have done that, but its with every model pack I used, from Gmow to the popular vehicle packs
but its not consistant, it happens in every pack, but with at least 1 of every 10 vehicles per pack works properly and Master Chief sits upright in his seat.

I’m wondering if theres some code line or something I can correct. Are there any known issues involving conflicts with VU? Its the only other mod influencing vehicle behavior that I currently have installed.

They were made to sit wierd, because back then Gmod didn’t have the Third-Person driving ability yet.

Alright, fair enough. Then what mod packs should I get that have a nice big selection of updated drivables (preferably at least one with a decent warthog model, but not necessary)? Note, the adv dupe stuff is too complicated, I just wanna pop open the vehicles tab and grab something.

From what I know, there are no updated Warthogs yet.

Kuno’s Vehicle Pack has a lot of good ones. Although, some are still messed up. And there’s a working warthog ( i think? )

cool, Thanks a ton. I’ll look into those. Lets hope that some of the good old packs are updated soon too.