Miss Fuego

A few weeks ago I made this.


A simple pyro head hack that was requested by Gummedli
Now all it needs is smoothing groups,textures and rigging.
Those parts I can not do.
So I was wondering if anybody would be interested in doing these things
I will give the source file out once sombody offers some help with these things.

Clever Name!

I went though few names stuff like “Era Ignis” which means Mistress Of Fire in latin.
I might just add that to the end of the name.
Miss Fuego Mistress Of Fire

Why did I rate myself informative?
I did not click it.

Sounds great either way.

And even though you didn’t click it, it was informative on the name.

The magic of the internet compels you.

Seems like we needed a bump, so…



I hope someone will take the job to finish her soon. I can hardly wait to see that model textured.

Erectin’ a bump. Because I like this pyro.

Another bump, for glory.

Ehhh another bump for her.

Stop bumping this or it’s going to be locked.

I wonder, is all the stuff requested on this really so hard to do for someone who knows how to do them? The texturing, smoothing and rigging. Wait, strike the last one, from what I hear rigging a model is a real bitch. But the rest can’t be hard for someone who’s good at it, can it?

My thoughts exactly.

Why would it need texturing? Why can’t you just use the original textures? And why would it need rigging? Why don’t you just use the original rig?

I made the headhack in the requests section, but this model is supposed to have the bra straps removed…

Yes, it is for some. Try it some time. There is a reason people are usually paid for this.

I don’t know **** about mapping textures to a model, but if all the textures need is a little skin-tone matchup job I could handle that.

Well, that didn’t answer any of the questions I asked.

That’d be appreciated, you should contact brickbox for the original textures if you’d give it a try.

Slowly, but it’s being done… :smiley: