Miss Valentine walking through the remains of a destroyed Hospital

Mainly a posing practice.
C&C please!


That is pretty cool, only thing I don’t like is her derp face

bloody hell this is taking a long time to load

I dont know why it isnt even a .png

Should work now.

Really feels like resident evil.

Any Posing flaws?

Yeah, there are. Body stance is excellent (why the hell does every one pose their models left handed??) but it looks like she’s gently cupping her left hand with the right. The usual way ~tactical~ persons will hold a gun is with the secondary hand interlocking fingers with the primary, like this cute little picture I found on google. http://www.reedstargetshootingclub.co.uk/pages/images/twohanded.jpg

Otherwise, not bad, lighting is sweet, is this a L4D/L4D2 map?

EDIT: Not interlocking, just putting them on top of each other so the secondary hand’s fingers spaced ~in between~ the primary hands fingers. Just put the hands in the right spot and I’m sure it won’t be noticeable either way.

I actually spent 45 minutes just to get the gun posing right, lost my nerves and just left it as it was. I tried to do the pose myself by holding my softgun like that but that didnt come out right :p. Thanks for the advice, been trying to do this pose for ages now!
Could you probably find another image? I get a 404.

And yeah thats a L4D Map! Its the Mercy Hospital.

Excellent camera angle, tilt and zoom. You give a really good expression to your picture.
Nice prop placement aswell as posing. The only thing that bothers me is how shiny she is

Probably added too much bloom.