Miss VentMob? Try Distant Burning!

Distant Burning has that oh so familiar interface found in ventmob and much more!! We do however despise the NLR and have done away with it, but to compensate we have added a criminal level and auto arrest on high crime death, and so you know who to avoid the crime levels accumulate into an infamy tracker. For much more info about the server, IP address, slots, and more please refer to my earlier post!


Thank you all for you time and I hope to see some of you around thank you!

I don’t miss VentMob, they used that shitty RealRake Players mod to make their shitty DarkRP servers look popular.

As far as I’m concerned, them gone means less fake servers on my Server Browser list.

Yeah, I really just mean the interface style (which is cider based not darkrp)

Did VM go down or something? That’s too bad, they had a nice bunch of players.

The latest MASS exploit was the cause of there servers down, They will be up once it’s fixed.

Any proof?, Cause considering when there servers were up they only had 3 (Experiment,Semi Serious and Beta) so how is this statement valid?

I am assuming you are unaware that using the fake player script does not get you up the ranks on gametracker/gamemonitor, right?

We got to rank 2 before we took our servers down, so your statement is entirely invalid Doug.

Our servers will be back up in the near future.

And nothing of value was lost


Why not post your server details here rather than redirecting us to another thread? Some of us might be very lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

When i first started playing on applejack they were infact using the real/fake player script. I know they no longer use this cause it drew in players and they do have great content that kept ppl coming back. BTW vent seems to back up! As for the dude asking for me to post details I’M LAZY TOO MAN!!!


I swear I seen it at #1 there for a short time