Missed the VAC ban thread [DevProject]

I bought this game [Rust] 2 weeks ago, and I played last week for 1 day only, just to try, and I rent a game server, for I played along with my friend, but when I tried to go into My Server, the message “Facepunch_Connector_VAC_Banned” appears, my account is really banned?
Are you kidding?
I recently even play it for a few hours, and when I rent a server, you specify a banned my account?
I really hope you’re joking, I want you to fix my account immediately right now, thanks !

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))

vac bans aren’t handled by facepunch, you’re gonna have to contact steam support.

Nobody on this forum can help you with Valve Anti-Cheat bans. Go contest your ban with Steam Support at https://support.steampowered.com/

grabs popcorn

You are vac banned. That means you got banned by Valve. Facepunch cant do anything regarding your situation.

Also keep in mind that you cheated and noone here will ever believe in your lies and stories.Frankly i doubt someone even care. Your only “hope” would be contacting valve support.

Good luck with that.

PS: If i were you i would NOT lie to steam support.Accept your faith, buy the game again and dont use any kind of hack this time.

but the description is “Facepunch_Connector_VAC_Banned”

But it is a “Valve Anti Cheat” ban

Yes, that’s the error message when Rust, which is by Facepunch, gets a ban response from VAC.

The Facepunch Connector received the message VAC Banned. Because you’re VAC banned. BY VAC.

Remember what V stands for? Hint, you’re not on Vacepunch.

So are you saying you NEVER tried a hack of any kind? Your answer will not affect your outcome, so honesty might help you do the following things:

-Spice things up in here a bit
-Resolve your feelings of unfortunate circumstance
-Remove you from the class of stereotyped “denial” oriented cheater
-Be a man

Have you ever used a map overlay(anything that isn’t opening a map site in the steam browser)? Despite not being malicious, map overlays are picked up as and are considered “hacks” as far as VAC is concerned.

Someone has to account for the possibility that someone sees their ban as “false” when all they did was use a “harmless” map overlay.

EDIT: There never was a VAC ban thread. There was a thread for people who got caught by Cheatpunch, which is similar but different than VAC.

What? Don’t listen to this guy, that’s crazy talk. Please continue to express your “innocence”, and try to be as sketchy as possible about details such as how it happened, your steam id, etc. It’s so much more amusing watching people try to explain away their bans, and watching smarter people tear them down.

I have extra soda and lawn chairs ready, and I really don’t want them to go to waste.

The only way we can help you is if you post your credit card details…

… A birth certificate would also go along nicely.

Bans are only removed if you send a video of yourself explaining the situation else they think you might be a cheater . Nobody got unbanned by writing but with the videos over 500. It has to be posted on this forum.

this guy did

Mezamorphosis was trying to get the OP into being a gullible moron. Except it’s too late to play that game when someone’s already referred to Steam Support and stated that nobody on FP can lift VAC Bans.

devproject mate they are simply trying to keep you down , they forgot to mention that VAC isn’t removing but if you send it here on the ->facepunch<- forums and they agree you are a good guy they will speak with VAC and it will definitely be removed . As I said , about 500 or more got unabanned for posting the videos because that way the admins can look at you and see you aren’t lying by your face and voice :wink: if you don’t believe me google it and you will see!

I do not have any proof, because “I had just played a few hours” (please remember this words), to learn how to play, and… I’m out of the game, then 2 days ago I tried to log back in, and my account has been banned.

well as far as i can tell there’s no widespread false VAC for rust

so you cheated

don’t cheat next time kthx

Have you filed a ticket with Steam Support yet? Argue with them, we don’t care and can’t do anything about it, tia

but if necessary, please asked with all the players who played with me, if they ever see me using the hack, if you need to give notice to all servers, please report to steam, if anyone ever saw me using the hack, or have proof of i use hack, I was willing my Steam ID banned.
thankyou :downs: