Missile goes to visit his old buddy tower

Tower is not pleased.


Big Mothafucking explosion.
Have an arty.

Bajarma I assume?
and 'Splosion is beautiful.
Arty’d :buddy:

Ah the colours… the colours…

But I still give you a funny because of the title.

Explosion is awesome. Nice edit. Safe to say who ever was in that tower is there no more. Rather falling in bits around it and generally hanging about. A well deserved palette.

god dammit missile

Can you please post the original picture of the explosion and your picture?

Mr.Missile is violating Ms.Tower!!!

The editing looks pretty durn nice.

That’s really very awesome. Nice work indeed.

Very realistic.

What gets me is the lighting. It’s not realistic in the sense that the eye doesn’t see like this, but it’s realistic in the sense that it looks exactly like a photograph. It’s quite incredible actually.

missile is like the dickheads in life: attractive but complete dickheads

Fucking epic

I lol’d not because of the title, When I saw that exact tower in that map I had the exact same idea.
But I went like ‘fuck it’ when I got bored and played some MW2.

I really like the explosion and lighting.

Explosive high five.

The explosion was made from many pics, just search for explosion and look for pics with explosions during night, then use the lighten or the screen blending modes, then use a fuzzy brush to paint black behind the fire.