Missin numpad

Soo heres my problem

when i try to work an tool ( button,cameras ,etc…) i can’t because i dont have the “Numpad” cause im playin

on a Mobile Comp (Toshiba)

So i would like to know if there is any way to cange this


Find the ‘num lock’ key on your keyboard. It switches a few of your keys into a numpad.

It’s like FN + Num lock on most laptops, or just hold FN and hit the small/different colored keys.

Num lock.

Sometimes the NumLock key doesn’t even exist on the keyboard. My Inspiron 1545 doesn’t have one, nor can I enable it in any way.

What you can do, however, is press Esc and choose Options > Keyboard. There, you can reassign the Garry’s Mod numpad keys to any key you want.

That’s really gotta put a dent on Garry’s Mod if you can’t use the numpad :confused:

I also forgot to add that if you have the laptop on a desk a ton, you can always buy an external numpad from Logitec or another company.

Just hold FN and click the numpad keys, or hold FN and click Num Lock, and then use the numpad keys.

Or you can buy an external USB numpad. I got one for my old laptop and it was a godsend. :buddy: