Missing AK47 firing sound.

Hey, some people and me has this problem, which is pretty annoying, basically the AK47 firing sound is pretty much missing from some players game, so when you fire it in first person, theres no sound at all. If someone else next to me fires it, I hear it.
Is there a fix for this? It’s pretty damn annoying.

Same here, try re-installing CS:S.

That’s what I’m about to do.

Gordon Frohman? How original.

I too have this problem, let me know if re-installing CS:S works.

That’s not the point here. I’m not trying to be original. ._.

I’ll edit my post when I re-install and test it in GMod, and give you the results of course.


No, it made no difference, the sounds were still missing. Sorry.

i have this too, i noticed it dissapeared when i installed the Realistic Sweps pack, but it may have been removed by an update by accident too. hopefull a solution is found for this.

That happened to me too. if you have that tactical weapons pack, get rid of it. that worked for me.

Oh, thanks !
I’ll go delete it now.

Alternatively you could download an AK47 custom sound from a website you know and trust which provides downloads for CSS.

i have the same problem, i don’t really care tho, i never use it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

actually I tried that. it didn’t work but after I got rid of the tactical weapons it had the new sound.

I had the same problem, but the AK47 sounds were supposed to be in sounds/jenak/fire.wav. Just rip them from CSS’s GCF and make the folder jenak and name ak_fire.wav fire.wav.