Missing all of my half life 2 guns in single player.

Ok, i havnt played gmod in single player mode for quite awhile. though when i finally tried yesterday, all my guns from half life 2 are not in my scroll list. i Only have the physics gun, tool gun, and the camera. Thats it!! im so confused. i deleted all th elocal content and then re-installed, i even took a few addons out just incase something may have be interfering. but to no avail, i has no weapons!! please help me, this is rediculouse.

go into the console and manually readd the weapons:

EX: for crowbar

give weapon_crowbar

EX: for grav-gun

give weapon_physcannon

Open console, type sbox_weapons 1 and suicide.

Thank you guys for helping a less knowledgable player of garry’s mod.

For future reference, there’s a checkbox under ‘Settings’ in the Q-menu called ‘Spawn with weapons’.

You’ve very welcome, Ninjabob.