missing blood

can someone help me because ive been asking all around and got no answer i dont have blood_impact_green blood_impact_yellow and now my zombies don’t have blood nor my antlions help!

im not rushing or anything but please post this is very annoying

Are all four violence_* commands set to 1?

And, in case you haven’t already, Verify Integrity of Game Cache Files.

Also, are you sure an addon or custom skin didn’t break the blood? When did you stop getting alien blood? Did you ever get alien blood in the first place?

Try deleting your particles folder in garrysmod/garrysmod.

i tried a clean patch o garrys mod and still dint show up is it a gcf problem?


what games do you have mounted

hl2,hl1 and portal dont say i need ep2 because i tested it on a friends computer and the had blood

If I miss something I check if I have EVERYTHING mounted, or I reinstall, that usually helps

ok then ill reinstall and check if it works


and uhh how do i reinstall im kinda of a noob


Like that

ok thanks


ok im reinstalling


oh and will this get me the no steam apps error every body’s getting?


well well i got an engine error steamclient()-> getissteamfriends so i had to use the back up i made smart right?

Well, it was smart that you made a backup

is there any way to reinstall without having that update exactly?

No, not really

ok fine ill just wait untill garry fixes it or valve