Missing bullet Textures

So when im playing DarkRp ttt or sandbox the M9K weapons and Css weapons bullet shells are purple and black i have all of the Valve games needed for Gmod expect Hl2 Ep1 all the others are mounted and verifyed ive tryed reinstalling them and deleting the addon and downloading it again but there still missing a same with Gmod and tryed reinstalling all of my addons still missing before i had to redownload gmod this never happened and now it does anyway to fix this

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As in before my game was fine until i had to restart

Is CS:S mounted through the actual game (bottom right, game controller icon) or an addon folder? Do you have the M9k workshop addon installed?

Yes i do have it mounted and yes the M9K is installed

Are you sure the bullet textures are actually included in the addon? I know an old M9k pack didn’t include them.

No the textures arent included

Not sure where M9k gets the textures from then; you’ll have to find the addon that supposedly has them.

Thing is most of the bullet textures work but some are missing damn Gmod cant fix mounting issue for CSS the maps are fine but that Css is messed up

There’s no mounting issue. Either the textures aren’t from CS:S or you need to verify and startup CS