Missing chair model

For some reason after joining a build model I am missing all my workable chairs. Any help?


ffs. do I have to reinstall?

What servers have you tried? Because you cant use the chairs if the owner of the server does not have them installed.

I’ve tried on server. But when I got to sp I get same result. I’ve even tried reinstalling it twice.

I have a solution but I need some help. In this directory SteamApps[ur name]\garrysmod\garrysmod\settings\spawnlist there is as txt file called hl2_vehicles. Could some1 please upload me a copy because I think that that will fix it since im missing the data in it.

Err… Spawnlists are generated by the game (As i know)… Delete it and start the game. Or, delete everything in the spawnlists folder. When you start the game, it loads and it generates automatically new spawnlists(this is my theory :D). Try it.


Didnt work