Missing Content on this Survival Game

Here my throughts

  • Ability to catch animals (maybe Traps , Net ? ) and feed them

  • Ability to craft a cage ( eg put 2 chicken into cage and it spawns some eggs, feathers ,chicks after a while )

  • Ability to Fish ( Craft a fishing rod and using Feathers / Fishing baits… )

  • Ability to Hunt Birds ( Feathers loot etc …)

  • Animals Horde (deers , cows etc… )

  • Ability to Farm ( Fruits , seeds …)

  • More Dynamic Events ( Crashing plane / helicopters etc…)

  • More materials to craft ( steel ,iron etc…)

  • Ladder

Your Turn

Just so you know, we are still in alpha, so content isn’t “missing,” per se, rather being brainstormed and added in when devs see fit. Regarding your ideas, I like them a lot, very cool ideas, except for dynamic events, I don’t feel that rust needs anything super random (besides maybe some weather, that might be really cool)

These are good ideas, but a lot of this stuff has already been recommended and a lot of it is most likely planned for the game. Do keep in mind that the game is in alpha stages and by nature of “alpha” games, lots of content will be “in progress”.

Loin Cloth
Player made tattoo’s (your friend or you can tattoo your character using his mouse
Players being able to remove there walls without having to blow it up
Ability to look far out
Getting shot in the leg gives like 5% chance to break your leg
More guns
Jeeps (I heard they are anti transportation for normal players but we should at least have jeeps just make them very hard to craft/fix)
Rain,Snow on map (hopefully rare but happens)
Longer day time
More zombie types/Models
Hair, and it grows over time. (Able to cut it)
Ability to go in the none deep part of the lakes and fill water bottles
Temperature displayed on the screen
Ability to wave
Paper that you can draw on with mouse
Messeges you can drop and leave places
More armors
Cow Boy hat
If somone kills you while you are near your door and sleeping bag it gives you the option to place a bounty on there head for a reward (bounty hunter vigilantes)
Wild dogs that will attack wolfs/bears with you if you feed it
Wall Paper
Ability to see players names when they are really close instead of only if you aim at them. (in real life you can see a face without pointing your gun at them)
Female characters (booooobs)
Chairs and the ability to sit (slows down hunger)


I’d also add to the list
More primitive weapons
stone walls