Missing Content?

For a couple weeks now when I open certain downloaded maps, sky textures and other stuff have been appearing purple/black grid. Figured it was just a glitch.

Tonight while in freespace06 I tried to use toybox weapon “predator missile” and it gave me an alert that “Counter Strike Source is not mounted”

How is that possible even though I have the game installed on steam? When I go iinto the extension menu, the game is not even listed.

Can anyone shed light on this?

First, verify the game cache of CS:S and Garrysmod, then check if it works. If it doesn’t try re-installing CS:S. Hope my advice works!

Out of dumb curiosity I went and tried to play CS:S, to my surprise it verified integrity, and now its downloading the game. I swear I had it installed and I thoguht it kept it up to date.

Thanks MrMac