Missing CS:S weapons in Gmod 13

Hello, i have hunted all over google and here and i cant find anything on this. When i loaded up Gmod and play single player i cant spawn any Counter Strike source weapons or any source game that gmod works with the only weapons i can use are the default HL2 guns. like i said i hunted google for anything relaited to this and the only things i could find are over a year old or just before the 13 update. i asked a friend of mine to see if he could use css weapons and he said he couldnt either. it wouldn’t bother me as much if i had a decent internet connection for online play, so i battle NPCs instead.

other then the weapons not spawning in (the option isnt even there) everything else works fine, i can spawn props and the weapon props. Ep 1 & 2 props spawn in fine. (i can’t remember if they have new weapons for either) just no weapons aside from the defaults are abled to be used. I had something from the workshop downloaded and it worked fine but it vanished from my subscriptions sometime today. i reinstalled css and varified its cash, reinstalled gmod and still nothing. so i was wondering if this is something that everyone is having to deal with or do i have a problem.

My Weapon Spawn list:

Pic of my player model and CSS ragdolls with a few props:

Thank you for any and all help/information relating to this.

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oh i should mention that the other weapon spawn list items are from the workshop. i completely forgot to mention that.

Default CS:S sweps were removed in the GM13 update. Try this as weapons for you to use, and this for NPCs.

Mad Cows base doesn’t have “revolver” holdtype which makes it spam the console about missing holdtype