Missing css in gmod

i have Gmod but i dont have counter-strike source
and theres alot if missing texture and stuff is there a way to fix it without buying css?

and i bought the orange box for 50$ from a shop

Acquiring CSS content without actually purchasing CSS is illegal. There are however texture packs I think that substitute custom textures for the missing CSS ones… But I don’t know where they might be found.

I have the same problem,
but i downloaded all CSS textures pack, i unzip that, and what i must to do now?
i tryied to unpack that on “garrysmod” file, but it’s doesn’t works.

(mah english bad english :smiley: )

i had the same problem and i bought cs:s. i’m glad i did, it is now my 2nd favourite game and well worth the money.

how can this HELP MEH when i want to fix this without buying css

Because he’s saying that you may as well buy CS:S. It’s a fun game to play (even if it takes a little getting used to), you get all the CS:S content guaranteed to work in Gmod (some of these texture replacement packs are of dubious quality) and you become part of what is still the largest gaming community on Steam to date.

And even if you don’t play it, the benefit of having ALL of the CS:S content available to you in Gmod makes it totally worth it.

dude you got ripped off

He probably bought it when it camed out.

And there is no way to have all 100% of textures from CS:S without buying CS:S, but as alot people said here, we suggest you to buy it, its a simple but fun game and you will have a SHIT LOAD of new maps, textures and stuff for Gmod.

Like we’ve said, acquiring CS:S content without buying CS:S is illegal.

i bought it this month :smiley:


also i live in israel so a 20$ game can be worth over 50$



Pardon my caps, btw. Dude, the game is win and has lots of awesome maps, try jailbreak for example!