missing CSS models?

i bought Gmod awhile ago and have had no problems with it until now. for some reason my standard CSS models and such have VANISHED. i used to be able to use the standard set of CSS guns that came with garrysmod but now all i get is a giant ERROR over my head. none of the props spawn eaither. i have tried all kinds of things to fix this but nothing has worked so far. any help is hugely appreciated. thanks

Do you actually own CSS?

yes. i actually bought GMOD and CSS from steam

Delete your Garry’s Mod folder and it should work again.

ive don that and no, it didnt work


does CSS need to be installed?i had everything working although it was no installed


is there a console command i need to enter to turn on CSS content? ive gone to extensions and it says CSS is enabled, but still theres nothing