Missing cubemap issue

For some reason, one of the people who have downloaded my map have missing cubemaps.

This missing cubemap is actually a vtf file, both normal and hdr are included in the bsp. This is as the specific material is especially reflective, so to combat it, I made a generic city cubemap for it to use.
There are no other cubemaps in my map, and I use Reepblue’s modified vBSP, so to stop the recent cubemap-related errors occurring, due to the Steampipe update.

It is referenced with all the reflective textures that are affected.

Thing is, me and my friends have no texture issue. I made sure all textures were removed from my garrysmod/garrysmod/materials folder, so it’s not that.

HDR and LDR seems to make no difference.

I’m finding it hard, as the issue can’t be mirrored here.

any clues? any ideas? I have no idea what the issue could be!

(If anyone is interested at all, the map is here. Make sure to read the description before judging! just noclip into the purple room, near the “squirrels”. that’s where the reported issue is.)

Try another packer

so, you think that the packer is responsible for some people not getting the textures displayed properly, while most others do?

I had this exact problem. This is what I do now.

-Compile and run the map, build cubemaps.
-Close game, open BSP in VIDE, select ALL the texture files and delete them. Save
-Reopen map in game
-In console follow this order

sv_cheats 1
mat_specular 0
mat_hdr_level 0
mat_hdr_level 2
mat_specular 1

Some games will make your map look CRAZY after all this. Just restart game and map. Should be working with cubemaps now.

-Pack the map, distribute.

Since doing this process, I haven’t had anyone have the missing textures or bad reflections.

Hope it helps!

The thing is, the cubemap in question is pre-mapped. it is a vtf, with 6 layers. it was a cubemap extracted from a past map, and used with a set of textures. both the hdr and ldr versions were done like this.

sorta complicates things X_X

I did that same precedure for the cubemaps in question though, before exporting the vtfs to the materials folder. So, they should work?

Does make it more complicated… LOL. If you’re using pre-made cubemaps, I’d think that all that would be needed is to include them with the BSP. I think part of the issue is that Steampipe broke how games generate and access cubemaps, so there may be some underlying path issues. Wish I could help more, took me ages to figure out just how to get the standard cubemaps working again.