Missing Entities when Rendered


I’m rendering this map and when I load it it’s missing some prop_static’s.



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I’m getting lots of these:

FindPortalSide: Couldn't find a good match for which brush to assign to a portal near (5120.0 6656.0 2056.0)
Leaf 0 contents: CONTENTS_SOLID 
Leaf 1 contents: 
viscontents (node 0 contents ^ node 1 contents): CONTENTS_SOLID 
This means that none of the brushes in leaf 0 or 1 that touches the portal has CONTENTS_SOLID 
Check for a huge brush enclosing the coordinates above that has contents CONTENTS_SOLID 
Candidate brush IDs: 

befor al that start you might see the word LEAK and some coordinates, load the point file and pres view tab then go to the coordinates given and fix the leak https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Leak

Damn sorry, should have checked that - what if the leak points straight out through the skybox? A solid hollowed cube around entire map (for ease for now, will make properly later)?

it could be an area_portal leak which would show up even in a sealed level, find the entity the red line starts from and look around that area, but post a full compile log and i might have a better idea :slight_smile:

also make sure you have snap to grid on when mapping because you might not see a mirco gap in the brushes