missing feature implementation?

Playing experimental or normal?

Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X2aLSQJB0g - Nothing like that is it?

Normal. But I checked out the experimental a couple days ago. Looks awesome BTW.

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Negative. But I appreciate the help.

that’s the exact same thing that’s happening to me, cant play because it will disconnect you randomly and you could be out in the open then oops all your items have gone


It has to do with hacks deleting some log file Rust uses (or something like that). So, it only happens to hackers.
My friends and I who don’t hack never got this error, while all the hackers I knew on the official server I played on were getting it (East coast 3).

That’s the most idiotic thing i’ve ever seen, because I’d hack with 1000 hours on rust, and if i was hacking I wouldn’t get kicked, I’d get a vac

Wouldn’t put it past someone.


but guess now, Ill have to use the cracked servers if I wanna play… GG Facepunch

missing feature implementation has nothing to do with hacking or modifying game files, shows how stupid you really are

Jumping right to pirating… Sure makes you sound trustworthy.

But yea, this error has nothing to do with cheating so that’s definitely not the case.

well Facepunch gives me no other choice, there is no apparent fix for this, theres no official statement or even a mod to answer why is this error happening… all we get is trolls accusing ppl who get this error as hackers

It seems like Facepunch wants everyone getting this error to go play on the pirate servers…

Yes. Clearly Facepunch wants people to illegally download their games for free.
Because they aren’t busy rebuilding the game from the ground up or anything… No they should definitely be spending time patching bugs in a defunct version of the game that will be practically useless within (probably) a month or so.

lol a month, more like a year… maybe they shouldnt sell UNPLAYABLE games then, I dont care if its an alpha and it has bugs but if I cannot straight up play, its just a scam then. I will just skip any Facepunch games in the future, as I now know how shitty they treat theyre customers.

Perhaps you’ll learn your lesson about early access games then. From my side of the internet all I can see is someone complaining about a bad purchase decision that they made.

Facepunch isn’t in the wrong here, they told you what you needed to know and if you wanted to you could have hopped onto these forums and done more research yourself before buying it.
But you didn’t. So… how is that their fault? It’s not.

Besides, it’s entirely playable for most people. And I seriously doubt it will be a year until the experimental branch becomes playable. A month may be optimistic on my part but a year is just you being melodramatic.

oh lucky you… well I just hope you get this error one day out of the blue and nobody helps you solve it, then we’ll see whos laughing…

I can’t say I’d be laughing about it, but I can say that I wouldn’t bitch about it online and threaten to pirate the game just because things aren’t working out right now.

Besides, I have other games to play. I would never expect an early access game to work all the way through release, that’s just how these things are.

I don’t like these kinds of things either but they should be somewhat expected. Hold tight until the experimental branch get fleshed out, judging by what we’ve seen so far I think it’ll be worth it.

Also, fyi, I haven’t played Rust in months. There’s no point for me yet, I’m looking forward to new content.

Well I had just started playing rust and havent even finished my first base when this shit started…

BTW to everyone thats having this issue, I think reconnecting resets the timer, so you have to keep doing this every 10 minutes or you will get DCed…

Its cause of the experimental branch. Garry said if you install the dev branch to try it out it MAY mess up your regular game. You were warned.

i never did download this so that wasn’t the problem

btw I seem to have fixed it for now, I uninstalled rust then steam, re started my computer and not had the error since. so next time don’t accuse people of hacking thanks

damn I tried this and it didnt work for me :frowning:

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