Missing Fire Content in gmod???

In gmod, I can’t see the fire, I think I’m missing some models or materials. Anyone know why? Say, ignite doesn’t do anything, but sometimes metrocops dance in a weird pose for a second then faint in T position. Also, if I use any fire thing, I don’t see it.

Also, it’s all black underwater.

Did you buy Garry’s Mod? If not, get out. If you did, then try reinstalling it. Also, do you own Half-life 2?

Specs? I had this problem too, but when I got a new computer the problem was gone.

This or maybe you replaced the fire with something else, have you installed any recent addons or copy-pasted anything on the Garrysmod main folder?

Try reinstalling, if that doesn’t work, you might not have EP 2, which is what the current engine of Gmod is using.

I have the same problem, it’s because your graphics card is shit. Let me guess, you don’t see any blood effects but a bunch of little red dots fly out as well?

Time to upgrade your graphics card.

Actually I had the same problem once…reinstalling fixed it. I could still see underwater though while it was happening.

SageJFox: Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening. Though I’m trying to see if anyone has the files to replace the blood.

Edit: Also, while I’m playing the screen screws up and has all these colored lines if I spawn things like phx rollercoaster stuff…

I had this on my old PC, it’s your card.