Missing fire texture

I realized a little while ago that I’m missing the texture for fire. Where there should be fires in game, and when I use the env_fire tool, there aren’t fires or flames. They’re still there, I just can’t see them.

I do know that if I just delete the texture it’s using, then restarting gmod will just download the original texture, but I don’t know where the texture I need to delete is. Can someone tell me?

This is actually usually the result of really old graphics cards and chip sets.

No no I know I have a graphics card that works because I’d seen the really nice episode 2 effects when I got this computer. It stopped showing them like, just last week and it’s a new computer. I’ve just downloaded something that replaced the fire texture with something I don’t have.

Have you tried updating your video driver?

Okay that sounded like a good idea, so I looked up my card, but it said I have the latest driver, so I suppose that’s not it. Thanks though, for the thought.

I’m experiencing other graphics errors, but it’s just like every now and then some objects (for which I do have textures) they’ll become overlain with a purple and black transparent texture, including some standard objects like the oxygen containers. But, I’ll ask about that later, that’s not a show stopper.

Anybody else know where I can find the fire texture? or where to find a replacement original?

Edit: btw I have an NVIDIA GeForce 310M, if anyone wanted to know, on Windows 7.

That’s a mobile GPU, right? I’m assuming that due to the M tag. It’s well known that gmod dislikes mobile GPU’s.

As for the “missing” fire textures, unless it shows up as pink and black or wireframe (which would indicate missing textures), your gpu just can’t load the particles which make up fire.

With the other pink and black issue, that’s just GMod shitting itself at some point then failing to reload the maps’ cupemaps (those shiny faux reflections), causing pink and black. Alternatively, the map may have invalid cubemaps.

I don’t think fire has a texture. Particles, rather.


Aren’t particles made up of textures? I’ve looked in the sprites materials directory and seen some which show various stages of fire… Could be wrong though.

Okay… well I went through trying to get rid of replacement materials for fire particles, if I have any. So, I came up with this


On the left is an env_fire, which didn’t work earlier. It is an addon, however it uses the hl2 fire I believe. The washing machine and combine soldier are both lit on fire using the ignite tool, you can see the combine thrashing around, and if you were there you’d hear them making crackling noises.

HOKAI. so,

I fixed my problem, here’s how if anyone else has this happen.

I had to cut/paste folders from the garrysmod/garrysmod directory until I narrowed it down to particles (didn’t see it at first), and then I removed the file burning_fx.pcf from particles. That caused gmod to redownload the original texture, and I can see again! :slight_smile: Anyway, that was in case anyone else ever has this problem too. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.