Missing folders & files

For the 20th time I’m having a problem with missing folders and files.
Normally I miss folders with various autorun files in them e.t.c. - extremely annoying seeing as I usually need them to fix another Garrys mod related problem. My problem at the moment is that I’m trying to import some models I made for gmod.
My source SDK folder looks like this:

It should look like this:

And I need a bunch of the files in there to actually import the models into gmod.

I would’ve backed up the games you got, but not SDK, and reinstalled the whole thing. Just to see if it fixed it.

Extract the files from the SDK gcf.

Well, I tried that with GCFscape, but it looks exactly the same inside GCFscape…
Opening the file, browsing to the same directory in the file… looks just the same.

Verify the content via steam. Also, have you actually launched the SDK yet?

A lot of times. :v: