missing gamemodes

Now I follow everyones directions in installing the gamemodes but I only have 3 show up in game, when i have like 5 or so installed in the gamemodes folder. The ones that show up are sandbox, fretta, and radbox. The ones that dont show up are spacebuild, that taco one…and atomicrp, I am really wondering about this since I just did a whole gmod cleaning a month or so ago, and back then my gamemodes were showing up…anyone know how to fix this? Also this is off topic but I also need help in finding out how to make all my rp maps go into a single folder in the map lists in gmod, like garrys mod and tf2 have there own map list…just wondering if that can be done. Thanks

If you have DarkRP installed all the maps with rp_ on the front will go into the DarkRP folder.

oh wow lol thanks alot :D…