Missing GMod folders?

My friend of mine has gotten GMod 2 days ago, and all was well until he wanted wire, he had no addons folder, so I told him to give me a screenshot of his garrysmod\garrysmod folder and to my surprise, he didn’t have almost half of the folders I have. I have no idea why they are missing but he can play gmod normally and joined me in a few servers. But, when he tries to install addons they will not run in GMod.

My folders and his. I’m on the left.

What would cause this and how can I fix this?

Bigger image.

Sometimes mods you install create new folders.

And maybe the newer ‘fresh’ releases of GMod don’t contain folders that they don’t need…

Don’t know, he’s “cleaned” GMod and when he verified there weren’t any missing files, oh well, we’ll try more things.

Well just tell him to create an “addons” folder!

Did he ever run Gmod? If you install it no folders are created, if you run Gmod the folders magically appear

Yes, he ran GMod, like I said, we both played in servers and he was doing fine and making shit. As for the addons, I told him to make a folder, then he got svn and downloaded wiremod. It works now but I still think some folders are missing. Oh well, if the game runs fine then no worries.

Addons folder will only be created if he has CS:S installed or something along the lines of that.
Models won’t be created as he would have no custom shit - would be created if he downloaded models from a server. Similar thing with cache, save, screenshots, help, downloads, downloadslist. The folders dont need to be there so they aren’t created.