Missing key gmod folders

When I bought & installed Gmod and then did so with CSS and HL2 ep2, there were a few quirks: For example, the options and save menus were bugged up, making it impossible to, say, turn on the ingame console. Survivable, though.

Then I tried to install my own NPCs or even spawn some of the built-in ones… I got big errors.

As it turns out, my Gmod was the folders “Sound” and “Models” I tried re-creating them and then putting stuff in them, but that did not work.

What should I do? This is really irritating me, and numerous re-installs have not solved anything!

I am using a mac, and I did NOT pirate these programs.

Does macs have the cache files? Because you could try to copy the models and materials from there by extracting them using GFCScape.

Never used a Mac/don’t have one, but try verifying your game cache. Before doing that, delete the folders that you manually created.

Make sure your games are mounted, too.

Verified it. Still can’t install new NPCs, but everything else is good. Trouble is, I really wanted to install new npcs.

Do you know how to install NPCs?

I think I do. You take the contents of the npc’s subfolders and place them into the corresponding gmod folders. For example, you take the content of the npc’s “models” folder and place it into the “models” folder on gmod.

is that correct?

Ehm, depends really. Usually you just get the main folder and stick it in addons, but there are some cases where you replace the sub folders.

If it has an info text file, put the entire folder in addons.