Missing map error, no solution anywhere?

Hi, I keep getting the classic “missing map error” when trying to join a server, I’ve removed clientregistry.blob file, I’ve downloaded the map manually but nothing works. Keeps getting missing map error from the server, and I want to play on that server.

Any solution to this problem, I’ve searched the forums but people is just saying obious things that doesn’t work like “download it manually” that doesn’t work btw?


Are you sure its exactly the right map you downloaded?

It’s freespace08_TMS-2 from Garrysmod.org, the only one that exists there anyways. Doesn’t work.

Did you even install it correctly?

He means, did you put it into your steam/garrysmod/garrysmod/maps folder?
If you didn’t, do that.
If you did, make sure you got the same version of the map as on the server.
Sometimes, there is an other map (can be 1 prop difference) which looks exactly the same, and then it says missing map.