Missing Map Error on TTT Server

I have a ttt server, and it works fine, but for some reason, every time the map changes, it downloads some stuff, including the map.bsp, then says missing map. If the map I want to play is the put as the default in the start.bat it will work, but if i force change level from ulx it fails. Is there any fix?

Did you edit the map in any way? And do you have a FastDL?

Oh! I had this problem before. Well look at your console and does it say 16mb exceeded? If it does then go to your cfg server file and add net_maxfilesize (number of megabytes the map file is) , so for a example net_maxfilesize 100. If its not that then not sure what is wrong. Just happened to me and I saw this post and I thought I could help.

Yeah, it was the maxfilesize, but it’s not irrelevant as a friend of mine who owns a server with fastdl is letting me use his fastdl. But thanks for the answer, I appreciate it!